Nothing is more frustrating for buyers and sellers than to have negotiated price and terms on a home and then discover that they have to start negotiating again over inspection “surprises” on the home. Sellers having their homes inspected “up-front” and any necessary repairs completed before they put their home on the market can help avoid these “surprises”. According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, these are the five most common problems found during home inspections.

  • Improper surface grading/drainage and resulting water damage in basements and crawl space.
  • Roof damages in the form of old or damaged shingles that leak.
  • Heating systems, including broken or malfunctioning operation controls, unsafe exhaust disposal and blocked chimneys.
  • Improper electrical wiring, including insufficient electrical service to the home, inadequate overload protection, and amateur and often dangerous wire connectors.
  • Poor overall maintenance ranging from decayed exterior lumber to peeling paint, crumbling masonry, shoddy plumbing and broken fixtures and appliances.