No matter how charming your children and pets are, getting them out of the house during a showing is an absolute must. This spares your feelings and the buyers. It is difficult to watch strangers go through your home.

You might be surprised by the strength of your emotional reaction to a random word of criticism. Potential buyers are reluctant to voice objections with you standing by. They can speak frankly to the broker, who knows whether the house might fit their needs and how to respond. With you watching, prospects are inhibited about opening closets, trying out windows, stroking the banister and performing all those get –acquainted gestures that go along with finding the right home.

Another problem, if you join the group, is the simple matter of space. It is easy for stairways and halls to become crowded. In addition, an eager home seller, full of nervous chatter, can blunder in several ways. Things that may be a negative in your mind about the neighborhood, or your home, may be just what the buyer is looking for, or vice versa.

What you love, they may not see the same way. And so, buyers are on their way over, and you have given the house its last minute sparkle. This is your special time to pamper yourself and your family. Take the children for ice cream, the dog loves to go for a walk. You have done your part by filling out the disclosures and preparing the house, which is now in tip-top shape.